What do I need to use Alien Raffles iOS?

It's simple - the only thing you require is an iOS-compatible device running on iOS 14 or later! Additional measures to increase your chances would include proxies and a large number of e-mail addresses.

Can you guarantee me that I will win when using Alien Raffles iOS?

Sadly no, no bot on the planet can offer a 100% success rate. Since success depends on numerous factors (such as the time you dedicate or the number of accounts you use), there is no 100% guarantee. After all, you are still entering raffles and luck still plays a part. However, what we promise to do is to increase your chances as much as possible!

What does Alien Raffles iOS cost?

We offer 3 (three) different payment plans. Head to the top of our website to check our pricing! Purchase the one that adjust the best for your needs!